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From wet basements to crawl spaces, damp or moldy split level living rooms to recessed garage space, we can solve all your water problems. Solving the source of the water can be the key ingredient to a successful home or business. We exclusively sell and service Zoeller Sump Pumps and products.

To finish off basement projects we offer Sequentia fiber glass reinforced panels (FRP) for the foundation interior walls. FRP offers many significant features, including resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, stain resistance, sanitary finish, extremely high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, low maintenance, and easy installation. Our systems are always a step above the competition. We include trouble-shooting outlet drains in every waterproofing system so if you have a problem we can solve it fast and effectively without a mess.

If you have mold, no big deal. We have an in-house mold clean-up team available 24/7 to clean up any situation. We offer many options to solve water problems, let us help you today. Choose The Professionals!

Flow-Dry Systems – PDF

Chautauqua County drainage & waterproofing firm announces new high-tech product

Located in Dunkirk, New York Fadale Enterprises, Inc. is a drainage, landscape, and waterproofing firm, which specializes in water management. For over 15 years the company has installed waterproofing and drainage systems throughout Western New York.

Recently, Fadale Enterprises, Inc. has been working with engineers to perfect a brand new method of basement waterproofing. The new product is called FLOW-DRY and uniquely provides waterproofing by allowing air to flow underneath the concrete floor in a basement. “The special quality of this product is that it improves upon the traditional standards for waterproofing. It takes a good system and makes it more efficient” states company owner Shaun Fadale. The FLOW-DRY systems incorporate a special honeycomb type material underneath the floor during installation of a waterproofing system. Additionally, a similar material is placed against the lower portion of the foundation walls allowing a circular airflow from under the concrete flooring. This new high-tech method increases the amount of water drawn to the perimeter drains, which in turn moves more water out of a basement and reduces the possibility of mold. “When you eliminate or minimize water force (hydraulic pressure) against your foundation walls and concrete basement floors, you simultaneously eliminate water from entering your structure. Simply stated, limited water against your foundation equals a dry basement.” said Fadale. Installation of the new product does not prolong completion or upset the usability of existing or older waterproofing systems. Company foreman and chief installer Eric Sayers adds, “The new systems are very basic and not complex to install. This is terrific for the customer because it has zero risk for failure”.

The new FLOW-DRY systems have been used and studied locally for a while and are available for sale. The company website can be accessed to provide the public with more information about this and other systems Fadale Enterprises, Inc. offers. Company offices are located at 422 Central Avenue, downtown Dunkirk, New York. Customers may also contact a representative by calling 716-366-1466 to set-up an estimate.

Drainage Systems – DIAGRAM

We take on any project involving water management. Yard drainage systems, landscape drainage, downspout drainage, channel drains, sump pump discharge drains, parking lot or driveway drainage, and even environmentally conscious drainage solutions we call “Green Water Solutions”. If your property needs help to control or eliminate water, we can help with projects of any size. Choose The Professionals!

Full Landscape Design – PDF

As a full service and experienced landscaping company we can service your needs from start to finish. We offer computerized drawings with each landscape design and project. Our on-site meetings can make things very simple for the customer. Our staff will give you the ability to walk the project directly with the designer, paying attention to every detail or need you may have.

At our offices located in Downtown Dunkirk, New York we have a display showroom featuring retaining walls and paver block products. Also we have many pictures and plans available for the customer to view. Our conference room located in our office can be a great asset to bringing your project together or to discuss options. Making you comfortable with your purchase is very important to us.

We have a huge selection of trees, shrubs, and plants (including sod), and will make all options available for your choosing.

We are equiped with our own dump trucks, backhoes, and equipment, so nothing will ever get sub-contracted out. This will keep projects on-time and on-budget. We take pride in all sized projects large or small. Choose The Professionals!

Retaining walls, patios, sidewalks, curbing, and anything else you can imagine. We specialize in unique and sometimes odd paver block project requests. We build amazing fireplaces, grills, sitting walls with lighting, water features such as waterfalls or ponds all constructed with a very large selection of paver block materials. All designs come with a computerized drawing and our design staff is here to fully

    • Industrial Cuts & Industrial Systems 

We can service any facility with utility cuts or trenching needs. Our utility cut service can provide the repair or installation of any electric, plumbing, drainage, or pipelines you may need. We can provide emergency service cuts for concrete around the clock if needed. Anytime you require concrete cuts for any reason please consider us. Including services below:
Floor drain repair or replacement
Electrical service install for new machine units
Trenching thru concrete, blacktop, or earth
Interior sewer or pipelines
Access and exposing existing underground utilities
Emergency floor cutting service
Concrete restoration to dig sites
Waterproofing or drainage

Please feel free to contact us anytime, all our trucks are radio dispatched to help expedite service. Choose The Professionals!